Cultura Training is a division of Cultura, focused on training and helping people achieve their goals through learning. We provide supportive delivery to empower diverse individuals to reach their full potential through the power of skills and knowledge sharing.

Our qualifications are nationally recognised by employers across Australia and are delivered by trainers who are industry skilled and trained. All our trainers have vast knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise and all share a passion for helping students on their career path.

We offer a range of areas to study with the heart of our qualifications centered on caring for others, the community and helping those facing hardship. Our pre-accredited training allows a pathway for students to develop skills to prepare them for qualified training. This means everyone interested is able to study via one of our pathways. Our pre-accredited training also prepares students towards obtaining employment and developing other life skills.

We offer our services to the Greater Geelong and South West Barwon region and partner closely with local industry and all levels of government to support our training delivery.

Industry Engagement

Cultura Training aligns all studying with our connections to industry.

Through Cultura we integrate our training with our residential aged care facility, our home services, our disability services and community services. Cultura’s employment services are actively collaborating and supporting training of skills to support long-term unemployed individuals to re-engage with employment opportunities. Our staff and volunteers across Cultura are encouraged to be involved in skills and training development within our Cultura Training division to support their areas of expertise.

We encourage partnerships with local High Schools and continue to expand ways we can collaborate with local business and community groups to connect passion to learn with training.

Why Us?

We are a not for profit community focused organisation, with a passion for supporting the community. We value inclusion, integrity, sustainability and kindness in everything we do. Across Cultura we empower diverse individuals to reach their full potential. At Cultura Training our passion for training and skills development is how we support that vision.

We have the foundation pathways to help anyone realise their goals and can support them along the journey.


We have a dedicated team of trainers, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in their areas of expterise.

Tony Meagher – Tony is our Community Services trainer. Tony has worked in the industry for a number of years and has a passion for training.

Jane Laffan – Jane is our Counselling trainer. When Jane is not training and sharing her knowledge, she’s working and using her skills helping others with her counselling expertise.

Liz Donnell – Liz is our Disability and Individual Support trainer. Liz has a wide range of knowledge working within the Disability industry and enjoys sharing that knowledge with her students.

Nikkie McMullen – Nikkie is our Early Childhood Education and Care trainer. Nikkie stays connected with the regions childcare centres where she shares her enthusiasm for early childhood education and learning.

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