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Introduction to Sewing

Introduction to Sewing

The Introduction to Sewing Course is delivered to people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds and others in the community who are interested in learning sewing skills in a unique and supportive learning space. You will learn the fundamentals of sewing with an electric machine, sewing and alteration techniques. You will also develop an understanding of fabric types and their uses. English language skill development is embedded in the course and you will learn how to follow simple verbal and written directions. The course is suited for learners interested in pursuing further training and employment in this area.

Course Structure

Classes are conducted in a safe and supported learning environment. Learning is informal and activity based.
Topics include:
• Workplace health and safety
• safe handling and use of equipment
• identify and name parts of sewing machine and associated equipment
• confidently thread and use a sewing machine, including changing of feet, bobbin
• basic maintenance of sewing machine – removing caught threads, adjusting tension, replacing lightglobe.
• plan a simple project, which requires design, cutting, sewing and decorating
• recognise suitable types of fabric and requisites for various projects
• cutting, pinning, and securing techniques
• follow a simple pattern, and understanding marking instructions
• demonstrate basic techniques eg. straight, zig zag, buttonhole stitch, reverse, neatening, maybe zips
• Reuse and make simple adjustments to existing garments- eg. shortening , hemming, darts, reshaping, facing raw edges
• Create new garments, soft furnishings etc from donated fabrics
• To assist and support each other and develop cross cultural awareness in a spirit of fun and creativity

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Cultura acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

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Introduction to Sewing

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